About Us

Here at Element 2, we’re enabling
the decarbonisation of British road
transport with hydrogen.

What we do

We’re building the first national network of hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS) across the UK and Ireland, to enable the rapid transition of heavy road vehicles and municipal fleets to a zero carbon, zero emissions future.

Our UK-wide network of safe, high-quality hydrogen refuelling stations will cover the entire country by 2027, using green hydrogen from local and national producers to create the cornerstone for the decarbonisation of heavy transport.

We’ve established close working partnerships with providers of fuel cell vehicles and dual-fuel conversion technology providers that can be supplied to both fleet owners/operators and councils.

We’ve also got close relationships with national and local supply chains, and with local and national government to ensure our plan is sustainable, impactful and cost effective.

Why Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe.

ESG Impact

Hydrogen can make the greatest positive impact on climate change.