How we partner with customers

Partnering to develop cleaner driving, cleaner air, and a green local and national hydrogen economy. Let’s #MakeDieselHistory together.

We put our customers' present and future needs right at the heart of what we do. Our customer partnership model is based on the following principles:


We understand your needs and issues. We use our team’s vast expertise - over 20 years’ experience in fuel cells, hydrogen and chemicals, emerging technologies, the road transport market and engineering - to find the best solution for you.


We’re technology- and supplier- agnostic, so can select and deploy the best technologies as they develop. We aim to be the first to implement the best.


We have close relationships with many of the technology and engineering suppliers to efficiently integrate those technologies and developments with you.


Health and safety comes first. We can help with assessments for on-site hydrogen refuelling - mobile or permanent - or identify locations for refuelling stations, so you don’t have to worry about how or where to fill up.


Our sources of hydrogen range from municipal solid waste, food waste and plastic waste to waste from essential chemical reaction processes, as well as renewable energy-powered electolysers. We even use bio-based sources.


We’re environmentally friendly, with options looking at the circular economy, carbon intensity and product environmental footprint. We work with you to map the right path and timing to get there at a target price that works for you.


We believe in local sources where we can, for reliability but also to develop the local green economy with you.


Partnering with you to deliver cleaner fuel and cleaner air.

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