How we partner with suppliers

Partnering with you to deliver cleaner fuel and cleaner air. Let’s #MakeDieselHistory together.

To enable the green energy transition, we are partnering with suppliers to establish the UK as a leader for hydrogen in road transport. Our partnership with suppliers is based on the following principles:


We’re a keen off-taker of hydrogen from a wide variety of sources - and almost certainly yours.


Our close customer partnerships mean we can integrate the needs of all parties, to ensure you’re producing to a receptive and large end market, locally or nationally.


Our UK-wide network of safe, high-quality hydrogen refuelling stations will cover the entire country by 2027, breaking the chicken and egg infrastructure dilemma. We’ll ensure your production always has a market.


We aim to be as local as possible, stimulating the local green economy with you, but we also have the means to distribute nationally, using different hydrogen-powered vehicles.


We work with you to maximise the benefits and environmental impact of your technology. Our team has deep expertise in energy and energy storage, transmission, environment, climate and the circular economy, chemicals and chemical processes.


Whilst our business model doesn’t depend on subsidies or grants, we can help you navigate these processes, along with support on policy and policy developments, to maximise the returns on your production.


Partnering to develop cleaner driving, cleaner air, and a green local and national hydrogen economy.

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