Element 2 Collaborates with Cranfield University in Pioneering £69 Million Hydrogen Aviation Project

Project aimed at harnessing hydrogen's potential as a net-zero aviation fuel

Element 2 Collaborates with Cranfield University in Pioneering £69 Million Hydrogen Aviation Project

Cranfield, UK – In a monumental stride towards sustainable aviation, Element 2 is proud to announce its participation in the Cranfield Hydrogen Integration Incubator (CH2i), a groundbreaking £69 million project aimed at harnessing hydrogen’s potential as a net-zero aviation fuel. This initiative marks the largest ever research funding win for Cranfield University and positions the UK as a frontrunner in the global race towards net-zero emissions aviation.

A Leap Towards Sustainable Aviation

The CH2i project is set to transform the aviation industry by addressing one of its most pressing challenges: decarbonisation. With air travel demand expected to surge, the urgency for cleaner, sustainable fuels has never been more critical. Element 2, alongside industry and academic giants, is at the forefront of this transformation, investing in the development of a large-scale hydrogen research hub at Cranfield University’s campus, uniquely equipped with its own airport.

Element 2’s Role in Catalysing Change

As a co-investor and key partner in CH2i, Element 2 brings to the table its expertise in hydrogen fuel solutions, reinforcing the project’s objective to develop and deploy hydrogen as a viable, scalable aviation fuel. This collaboration underscores Element 2’s commitment to innovation and its pivotal role in driving the transition to a net-zero future.

A Comprehensive Ecosystem for Innovation

The CH2i initiative is more than a research project; it’s the creation of a dynamic ecosystem at Cranfield. This ecosystem connects the dots between hydrogen production, integration, and utilization, providing a blueprint for the aviation industry’s rapid decarbonisation. With Element 2’s support, the project will develop crucial infrastructure, including new laboratories, test facilities, and an advanced Hydrogen Integration Research Centre, propelling the industry towards achieving the UK government’s ambitious Jet Zero strategy.

Quotes from Industry Leaders

Professor Karen Holford CBE FREng, Chief Executive and Vice-Chancellor of Cranfield University, highlighted the significance of this partnership, stating, “This game-changing investment builds on Cranfield’s expertise in hydrogen research and will help the aviation industry to make the leap to using hydrogen.”

Adding to this, Marshall CEO Kathy Jenkins expressed, “This investment in CH2i is a clear vote of confidence in Cranfield’s unique position as a scientific and industrial flagship for the UK. It demonstrates hydrogen’s transformative potential in aviation.”

Element 2 CTO Brendan Bilton emphasised the importance of hydrogen in aviation “In the face of escalating climate challenges, the aviation sector stands at a pivotal juncture, with hydrogen emerging as a beacon of sustainable progress. At Element 2, we are deeply invested in the transformative power of hydrogen to redefine aviation, offering a viable pathway to net-zero emissions. Our expertise in hydrogen fuel solutions uniquely positions us to catalyse this transition, demonstrating not only the potential of hydrogen in aviation but also how it can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructures. Collaborating with Cranfield University on the CH2i project is a testament to our commitment to innovation and sustainability. Together, we are laying the groundwork for a future where aviation contributes positively to our planet’s health, powered by the clean, limitless potential of hydrogen energy.”

About Element 2

Element 2 is dedicated to advancing hydrogen as a clean, efficient, and sustainable energy source for the future. Our participation in CH2i exemplifies our commitment to environmental sustainability and innovation, steering the global aviation industry towards a greener horizon.

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