Element 2 Response to UK Government Support for Hydrogen

The Department of Energy Security and Net Zero announced a number of new initiatives today

Element 2 is pleased to acknowledge the recent announcements made by the UK Government on December 14, 2023, regarding the development of the hydrogen sector. These announcements represent significant steps in the country’s commitment to a sustainable energy future.

Key aspects of the announcement include:

  • Launch of New Hydrogen Projects: The government has initiated 11 new hydrogen projects across the UK, indicative of the sector’s expanding infrastructure and potential for job creation.
  • Funding and Support for Hydrogen Initiatives: A new round of funding is now available, aimed at supporting hydrogen projects, reflecting the government’s commitment to advancing this sector.
  • Strategic Policy on Hydrogen Blending: The decision to support the blending of up to 20% hydrogen by volume into the GB gas distribution networks aligns with the national strategy for achieving net zero emissions. This decision is based on current evidence and pending further safety assessments.

Element 2 views these developments as positive steps towards enhancing the hydrogen fuel market in the UK. The company is positioned to benefit from the increasing focus on hydrogen as a key component of the UK’s energy mix. The government’s support in the form of funding, policy decisions, and infrastructural development is anticipated to provide a conducive environment for growth and innovation in the hydrogen sector.

Element 2 remains committed to its role in the hydrogen refueling market and looks forward to contributing to the UK’s sustainable energy initiatives, in alignment with these latest government strategies.